“Just two drops of Chanel N.5”. This was the answer given by Marilyn Monroe to a journalist who irreverently asked her what she wore to go to sleep. A quote, invented or not, which soon became a cult in the pop culture and a motto of affirmation and feminine freedom. The same freedom and “moral lightheartedness” to which Womanizer, a German company specialising in sex toys, refers when launching a licensed partnership with Marilyn herself (property owned by ABG Authentic Brands Group), the amazing diva who mysteriously disappeared in the early 1960s.

The launch consists in a limited edition of a sex toy capable of giving pleasure thanks to its 10 intensity levels. A product with a modern design, available in four colors, which aims to recall the extraordinary elegance and originality of the famous actress, but may also lead some to wonder: “If Marilyn had been alive, would she ever have done it?”.

We do not have the answer, but most of us may agree about Womanizer’s bold marketing strategy, which, ultimately, follows a less commercial purpose to normalise an object that still represents a big taboo in our society, even through famous characters, alive or not.