The lifestyle and streetwear platform Highsnobiety was founded in Berlin in 2005. Its irresistible rise brings it quickly to a global prominence, but it is New York where Highsnobiety finds its second homeland, and there, Highsnobiety launches its “Neu York” collection a few weeks ago.

This collection consists of a wide range of items inspired by industrial workwear, such as a dungarees with sturdy buckles and various loops for work tools and t-shirts that remind of the working world. A raid of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in the second part of the collection just launched is then inspired to both brands’ launch date – 2005 – always devoted to that industrial look.

In addiction, this workwear celebration also includes Refrigiwear, the brand born in 1954 in the Meat Packing of New York to dress butchers working in cold storage.

Two are the Refrigiwear x Highsnobiety x Coca-Cola Zero Sugar items in this collection: the legendary Polar Jacket and the Vest, both made with Iron-Tuff fabric, that boasts weather-resistant and anti-tear properties.

The Highsnobiety x Coca-Cola Zero Sugar line is already available in the pop-up store specially created by Highsnobiety in New York for this celebration, as well as on the website