Another coup for the most iconic fashion doll in the world, and a praise for the power of choice for girls and women.

The Italian retailer Wycon Cosmetics, with more than 200 low cost cosmetics stores in Italy and abroad, is growing its penetration and, competing with Oreal’s Nyx, has to constantly find new ways to win its customers.

Relevance and storytelling is key, and Wycon thinks an homage to the “Girl Power” is due. That’s how Wycon Loves Barbie is born, a capsule coIlectlon of 30 new and captivating shades of its top selling ‘Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick’, featuring a specially accurate felt applicator dispensing an outstandingly creamy texture finish.

CoIours? Why, pink of course, in thirty shades, from “millenniai pink” to the most iconic
“Barbie pink” but also the most requested ‘nudes’ hues, and other more extravagant tones ranging from purple to blue.

For over 58 years, Barbie has been a reflection of the times, and a pop culture icon inspiring millions of women around the world.

The same inspiration is the base of WYCON LOVES BARBIE collection: a funny and bold range of lip coIours, democratically retailed at 7,90 euro, available from December 16th at all Wycon stores and online