Yellowstone, the Kevin Costner- led TV series produced by Paramount, just launched series 5 marking a US record of 12,1 million viewers on the premiere.

Yellowstone broad success in terms of audience is paralleled by a very dynamic merchandising program, which, thanks to a brilliant e-store, is not limited to US fans but reach a global fanbase.

But as “brand experience” becomes a paradigm for tv franchises as well, aside from that rich consumer product offer, Yellowstone now offers a new type of experience to its American fans: spending a night at the “real” Dutton Ranch.

In fact, the Dutton Ranch has existed since 1805 in Derby, Montana, where many of the scenes have been shot, under its original name “Chief Joseph Ranch”.  Fans can now get around to visit the sets where Yellowstone is filmed, but also can choose from two cabins to spend the night in: the one where Lee Dutton, the oldest son of the Dutton family, uses in Season 1- and Rip’s Cabin, used in the series by Rip Wheeler.

$1,500 per night, up to 8 people per cabin, is a fair price to buy such a thrill.