We already highlighted, with several examples, how food brands are a major source of creativity for fashion labels which are seeking for unusual collabs. Following this trend, after Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Chupa Chups etc., another giant of food sector is making its way into the fashion world.

We are talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken or simply KFC. The iconic fast-food brand has indeed teamed up with the Russian streetwear brand Yunost.

Yunost, founded in the United States by two Russian designers, draws inspiration from the underground culture of Moscow and Miami. Maxim Ivanov, one of the founders of the brand, explained that the decision to collaborate with the KFC came from the idea of ​​connecting global brands and local brands from completely different industries.

The 31-piece collection consists of: sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, totes and key rings, which combine classic 90s silhouettes with vintage logos as well as the Cyrillic rendering of the fast food chain’s name with recognizable color scheme, for a minimalist but definitely iconic effect.

The debut of the collection hit the mark with a catwalk show in one of the KFC’s Moscow restaurants, with models clutching buckets of chicken wings and fries.