The Enterprise Star Trek will land on your desk

Gamers and trekkiers from all over the world brought together by the long-awaited arrival of the first desktop PC shaped like the spaceship from the famous Sci-Fi series.

The most innovative companies are used to praise the technical performance of their latest creation but at the end, there are just very few companies that are really able to innovate, sometimes even with risky projects, or very close to prototypes. Lenovo is among these, boldly going where none has never gone before. A couple of weeks ago, during the last Tech World Conference 2018 in Beijing, the PCs company presented a new desktop computer called “Tiburn Enterprise Star Trek PC”, molded after the iconic USS Enterprise NCC-1701.

This terminal is a pretty good reproduction of the original (aside from the additional cargo module slotted in between the ship’s nacelle’s) which comes mounted on a posable stand with a Starfleet delta shaped base. This product manages to combine, in a smart aesthetic, functionality and powerful features. The spec includes indeed a ninth generation Intel core processor, NVDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card, 32G DDR4 memory, a 1TB M.2 solid state drive, and a 2TB mechanical hard disk. Lenovo has also managed to fit in a few surprises including LED lighting and a mini projector.

The Tiburn Enterprise Star Trek PC is officially licensed by Paramount and CBS (owners of the Star Trek brand) and can therefore be considered a commercial product ready for debut on the market.
Anyway the Chinese hardware giant, known not only for its Motorola smartphones but also for having inherited the computer division of IBM, has not made it clear whether it will mass-produce this device, or if it will make it in a limited edition for a few lucky users. Lenovo has neither announced when this is expected to come to market nor for which markets it will be available (some sources speak only about China and others speak about a 25 countries license) what is certain is that, with a pricing said to start at around 2,180 USD, it will not be easily accessible to the entire community of trekkiers.

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