Fashion meets fine foods: Dolce&Gabbana with Fiasconaro

Dolce&Gabbana doubles down its branding connection with tradition and craftsmanship of fine foods started with Donnafugata wines some months ago, with another collaboration in the fine pastry segment.

The collaboration between the creativity of Dolce&Gabbana and the confectionery artistry of Fiasconaro, a fine pastry and ice cream shop founded by Fiasconaro family in 1953 near Palermo, results in a special recipe, mixing the typical Milanese panettone with the flavours of Sicily.
An artisanal collection of products was already lauched last year, with two exclusive Sicilian Pistachio panettone .

One year later, the collaboration between Fiasconaro and Dolce&Gabbana renews itself to create two new panettoni: the panettone with Candied Chestnuts and Gianduja and the traditional panettone with Sicilian Vecchio Samperi Perpetual Wine.
The latter has an even more memorable sensory experience as the notes of candied orange and raisins are accentuated with Vecchio Samperi, one of the emblems of the winemaking tradition of Marsala. Presented in a glass bottle with nebulizer, the Vecchio Samperi completes this extraordinary journey into flavour with a new ritual: by adding a few drops of the wine onto your slice of panettone.

Both recipes once again blend the Christmas symbol of Northern Italian confectionery dessert with the ingredients and flavours of the South. The love for artisanal production, the respect for traditions, and the courage to experiment are represented their decorated tin boxes. Expressly designed by Sicilian artisans, these brightly coloured and illustrated boxes are inspired by the decorative motifs of Sicilian carts and the characters of the traditional puppet theatres, rendering them a precious collectible object.
For those with a particular sweet tooth, the collection of panettoni will be enriched with three different flavours of spreadable creams: pistachio, almond, and chocolate.

Dolce&Gabbana glamour blends again with craftsmanship and tradition, in an all-Italian narrative.