Ghostbuster My Little Pony, crossover for collectors

Characters mashup is becoming a staple in the vinyl toys collectors’ scene.

Hasbro, who recently launched a couple of crossovers among their own characters Transformers My Little Prime (My Little Pony meets Transformers), and Power Rangers Morphin Pink Pony My Little Pony, has just announced the launch of My Little Pony Crossover Collection Ghostbusters Plasmane.

What fans and collectors will appreciate is the story behing: “When the city of Manehatten is overrun with ghosts, Plasmane ain’t no scaredy-pony. She saddles up in the Ecto-Wagon and gears up for an adventure.”

Non-fans and non-collectors will fail instead to see the difference between this 4.5-inch figure and a standard My Little Pony, dressed with a Ghostbuster-inspired brown allover, and featuring a Ghostbuster mark on the flank.

But who cares about non-fans, when collectors are already pre-ordering online, on collectors paradises like, or the same Hasbro Pulse website, even if they will have to wait until January 2021 to lay their hands on it.

My Little Pony Crossover Collection Ghostbuster comes of course with a special collectors packaging and its price point of 12.99$ will be a base for future upsides.

That’s entertainment.


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