Grateful Dead: a limited edition with Atomic Ski

From sunny California to Austrian slopes. Grateful Dead iconography has traveled that far and signs a collaboration with Atomic, the world renowned ski brand.

The Austrian based company just launched one pair of Bent Chetler ski, named after Atomic’s pro athlete Chris Benchetler who supervised the project, insipired to Grateful Dead mood.

“Grateful Dead music is all about improvisation, no show was ever the same,” Benchetler states. “That’s what I think about skiing, no line is ever the same. Each day is different, and we used that line theme throughout the artwork in this collaboration.”

The collaboration produced a very limited number of skis – just 400 pairs worldwide – who sold out at basically all the e-commerce stockists.

But in the meantime the Hawaiian brand Dakine is ready with an echoing limited edition of Grateful Dead’s ski backpacks and mittens.


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