Halo Licensing Survey, all the collabs in the world

Brand Jam’s Halo Licensing Survey is the unique comprehensive survey of the global collaborations scene. And the good news is that you can subscribe using our promo offer.

Here is a round-up of the major trends we caught in our latest report.

Without question, Covid-19 took its toll on halo licensing at every level of the game last quarter: impacting on launches, deliveries, messaging and sell-through. Activations planned for online/offline channels were hardest hit, with store closures forcing brands to either adapt or hold back and wait for brighter times.

Similar pressures also muted Chinese New Year celebration campaigns, which found themselves hitting the shelves at the peak of China’s emergency.

Fewer campaigns were recorded last quarter – 252 compared with 2019’s highs of 350-plus. Within that number we noted a much higher rate of iteration: brands and properties pairing up again to build on earlier successes.

In fact, this continues a loyalty trend already observed throughout 2019 – both in licensing and in the broader brand collaboration market.

Among the most popular themes were Manga, Sport, Automotive brands, and Nostalgia, “Two” was a popular number last quarter, with many campaigns using some variation of a “two-pronged” approach…

– TWO-SHOT: brands & properties seem to be growing fonder of taking a second bite of the cherry rather than abandoning successful relationships. Examples included iterations like Mickey x Gucci, Breaking Bad x K Swiss, Coca-Cola x Herschel Supply Co.

– TWO-TIER: Liberty x Crocs caught our eye by combining true collaboration and classic licensing in an attempt to drive mid-tier demand with high-tier presence. Similarly, Bobby Abley’s Minions activation was at London Fashion Week one minute, Primark the next.

– TWO-DROP: Colourpop sold out its Sailor Moon collection within an hour of launch, before returning exclusively at Ulta. K-Pop’s BTS accessories sold out immediately at Starbucks Korea, only to arrive with clever new co-branded merch only a week later.

With so much disruption in the market, it’s dangerous to draw conclusions. But property owners may take some encouragement from the observation that the world’s most dynamic brands are moving to more monogamous relationships, even if their hunger for rapid innovation is unlikely to slow down.

With the market facing unprecedented challenges, we think hunger for attention-grabbing, Instagrammable product will be greater than ever. Subscribe to the Halo Licensing Survey with our promo offer: click here to keep pace with the latest creativity. We’re in for a wild ride, folks…

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