Halo Licensing Survey, Qt. 2 2019 report out now

The Q2/2019 edition of Brand Jam’s Halo Licensing Survey has just been delivered to our subscribers. Once again it’s a report full of case studies sure to turn heads in the licensing, branding and retail game: check out how to subscribe with our promo.

Our quarterly survey tracks license-driven campaigns from brands around the world every quarter. Once again, this most recent issue contains details and links to just over 300 campaigns compiled over the last three months.

For those who still don’t know Halo Licensing Survey, this quarter’s report gives the most complete picture of licensing within the global collaborations ecosystem. Highlighted cases studies provide variety and depth to help subscribers see how property providers and users are adapting to this fast-evolving economy.

Here are the most apparent observations we made over the last quarter:

1. The Golden Age of Television

Contemporary TV and movies are causing a pivot in the licensing business, apparently at the expense of character licensing. Young adults and adults care about exotic and contemporary content much more than character revivals. Or is it just mouse fatigue?

2. Causes are Competitors

Innovation-driven brands are looking more and more towards providing their constituencies with timely and meaningful stories. The sheer quantity of rainbow product released for Pride Month 2019 – and the high level of charity co-opting – shows how many brands are sitting out licensing opportunities during May and June.

3. New Angles in Sport and Entertainment

Athletes and musicians are evolving from licensors into licensees, as they seek to use licensed properties to boost their own merchandise lines. This trend has been slowly building momentum in the sports business for a couple of years, and properties like Marvel appear determined to see it continue.

To see how these and other threads are shaping deals and value creation in the licensing space, Halo Licensing Survey is the most comprehensive and convenient tool in the market.

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If you still doubt its potential, request a free sample of the Q1/19 report by writing to brandjam@brandjam.it with the subject line: Free Q1/19 HLS Sample


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