Iuter celebrates speed with Lancia Abarth and Sparco

Iuter, Italy’s longest lasting streetwear brand established in 2002, has just launched a multifaceted collaboration with three Italian motor brands which fully embodies the spirit of borrowed values reinterpretation in the streetwear subculture.

Iuter “Vita Veloce” collection (literally translated as “Fast Life”) takes racing as a very serious matter and pays tribute to three timeless icons of Italian motor sports. Lancia, Abarth and Sparco, agreed to let Iuter reinterpret their brands, with an end result of a bold collection. Iuter style and design department mixed the adrenaline and speed mood of the three brands with embroideries, silk, Swarovski applications and chenille patches.

The star of Iuter Vita Veloce collection is Lancia HF Integrale, the model which made rally history claiming almost every top podium spot in the 80’s and 90’s. Abarth logo is also playing a pivotal role, with a limited edition pre launched last December to celebrate the brand’s 70 th anniversary. Sparco, the technical and safety specialist born in 1977 and now used in Formula 1 and the world’s bigger auto racing events , is also celebrated in the collection with the logo and the bear mascot, and the brand’s “Never Overheat Under Pressure” claim boldly printed on t-shirts and hoodies.

The collection will be sold this autumn at Iuter store, e-store and at the best stockist in Italy and globally. A collection which will help Iuter’s constant grow (double digit in the last 4 collections) maintaining its streetwear spirit while adding consistent story to tell its fans.