K-Way meets THE Marc Jacobs

K-Way and Marc Jacobs have a long-standing history, with their first partnership taking place nine years ago. Under THE Marc Jacobs, the two brands have teamed up once again to explore “The Windbreaker.”

The collection reworked the K-Way Le Vrai 3.0 Eiffel jacket and the Pierrick one-piece in THE Marc Jacobs’ spring summer 2020 print, blending the classic yet functional aspects of K-Way with the intricacies and playfulness of THE Marc Jacobs.

Launched in May 2019, THE Marc Jacobs was designed to maintain the one-brand concept for the fashion house to complement the runway collection rather than separate it.
K-Way, brand born in Paris on a rainy day in 1965, has become known as the waterproof jacket par excellence: classic, modern, technologic, functional and coloured.

This unisex collaboration is available for purchase online and at Marc Jacobs stores, as well as additional boutiques globally. THE Marc Jacobs x K-Way “The Windbreaker” retails for 500€, while the Jumpsuit is 770€.