Lego Art: contemporary pop à la Warhol

Lego has just announced the launch a new range of products, Lego Art, designed to let adult customers reconnect with their creative side, channeling their inner artist and creating a beautiful art display on the wall.

Lego Art first four items are in fact a Lego version of pop art from Andy Warhol, The Beatles, Marvel Studios and the Star Wars saga.
Customers will be able to recreate Andy Warhol’s colourful Marilyn Monroe, building the favorite of the four portraits, or change it as many times as they like.

The same goes for the Fab Four. One individual The Beatles set includes enough pieces to create one member from the band, while buying four of the same set it will be possible to create each member of the band. The Sith Set allows to build one of three members from the dark side of the force: Darth Vader, or Darth Maul, or Kylo Ren.

To enhance the experience, all items come special audio features, like Stan Lee’s interviews, Star Wars soundtracks, and rare recordings and podcasts.

Two new elements – a LEGO brick separator with improved functionality and a hook – make rebuilding artworks easy when refreshing and updating the display. These first items will be available starting from 1st of August.

From a licensing standpoint, Lego’s choice of mixing Warhol with the Beatles and Disney’s Marvel / Star Wars, although apparently weird, seems to pinpoint the mission of the brand: to stand out as a contemporary pop icon – in the purest Warholian sense.


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