Levi’s VP Brand Marketing Europe on brand experience

With a stunning +23% growth in Europe (within a +7% on global revenues) denim leader Levi’s has probably something to say about brand management. Anit Van Eynde, VP Brand Marketing Levi Strauss & Co. Europe, addressed an attentive audience at the latest Decoded Fashion Summit in Milan last week, making a point about how can brands get through the “3 seconds attention span” of a consumer in front of any digital device.

In fact for Levi’s digital is important, but only as a medium, to implement Levi’s truly “physical” three-pillars strategy: Relevancy is Everything, Creating Fans Through Authenticity, and, most important, Putting the Brand at the Center of Popular Culture.

During her presentation, Van Eynde offered some examples of the recent activations which are driving Levi’s to preside the denim leadership, which we think show some touchpoints with our interests

Music festivals like Coachella are a channel which immediately allows Levi’s to target consumers in a highly relevant enviroment. In more than 30 music festivals in Europe in a year, a special “Levi’s Tailor Shop” tour invites attendees to customize their Levi’s jackets with pins and prints, for a unique experience throuhg a unique product. 75 millions of media impressions are a measure of how remarkable such an experience can be.

Levi’s supports music as a bridge to reach local communities. “Levis’ Music Project” is a container featuring artists like Skepta or Alicia Keys and emerging artits, giving the less privileged musical coaching and directions to make creative capabilities emerge. Started with success in USA (20 millions of media impressions on the first experience), Levi’s Music Project launches in Europe this year, including UK, Germany and France.

Putting the brand at the center of popular culture includes the support to minority, and Levi’s chose LGBT as one of the most contemporary social battles. “Fight Stigma” was this year claim for the Levi’s for Pride day celebration, featuring a collection whose proceeds were donate to the Harvey Milk Foundation and Stonewall Community foundation.


With the iconic “Trucker Jacket” turning 50 in 2018, Levi’s could not keep from celebrating with a collaboration. Well, actually it will be fifty collaborations with fifty influencer and celebrities in a row, including Justin Timberlake, VIrigl Abloh, or Snoop Dogg

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