Makita, brand extension from tools to coffee

Brand extension has its ways, as we reported when Birkenstock, the reference for comfort sandals, launched a range of beds and entered the cosmetics market in a couple of months.

Makita, the Japanese behemot renowned for its quality electric drills and tools, has just launched a… coffee maker. What could superficially seem a vapid brand extension move, is based in fact on a consumer need which could turn this product int a revolution: a compact and portable electrical coffee maker to be used wherever no power is provided.

Makita CM501DZ is powered by the same system of rechargeable lithium ion battery packs used on Makita tools. This is something the market is used already, and the same Makita released a cordless coffee maker some times ago, but this new development is engineered with aerospatial components that minimize the space and allow huge energy savings. Ideal to be used outdoor by any construction worker on building sites.

The aesthetic is consistent with the same power tools Makita is famous for, taking a good distance from the standard design-freak coolness of capsule coffee makers. But as we observed recently, rugged working style is a growing trend in the lifestyle branding, so it can be possible that Makita CM501DZ can become an must-have for hispters and millennials.