Manly Bands and Jack Daniels, wooden rings for bold weddings

Manly Bands is a US company which promises to have a wedding ring for any man, even those with extra sized fingers. In the quest to offer a varied experience to its customers, Manly Band has just launched a new series of wedding rings, in collaboration with Jack Daniel’s.

A bold commitment such as a marriage needs a bold symbol, that’s Manly Band’s vision. This new line of wedding rings fixes it all: it is made of wood coming from the white oak barrels used to mature Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. This expands the current collection rings that Manly Bands offers and includes many of their unique materials such as damascus steel, dinosaur bone and titanium.

The new Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel Collection includes several designs based on the whiskey brand aesthetics. Each ring box also includes a Certificate of Authenticity for the handcrafted aged barrels used to make this signature collection.

“We wanted to capture the unique history of Jack Daniel’s and celebrate its authentic spirit” says brand cofounder and co-CEO Michelle Luchese. “Now that’s commitment, just like marriage!”. She adds, “Manly Bands helps men celebrate their commitment to their spouse with a ring as bold.”

Those who think to get a cheaper wedding with wood than the standard are wrong: signature Manly Band Old No. 7 Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel version has a price tag of 5,000$…


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