May the Force be with Barbie

It is not a great news that 4th of May has become the nerdist day of the year, with fans all over the world celebrating the Force and Star Wars saga.

But what happens with Barbie Star Wars, this year at her second release with a special collection deserves a mention.

Last year team-up featured an obvious Princess Leia, paralleled by a less obvious Barbie Darth Vader, and Barbie R2 D2.

This year Mattel and Disney did not save much to fantasy: Rey, C-3PO, a Stormtrooper, and Chewbacca are the amplified Barbie Star Wars featuring of 2020.

These Barbies are of course designed for super fans and collectors, so they do not come cheap. The Rey, a Stormtroopers, and C-3PO versions are sold at $100 on and Amazon, while the Chewbacca doll is $150, exclusive to

As tracked by our Halo Licensing Survey 1st qt 2020, another “2.0” collaboration release adds up to the trend of repeating the successful activations.


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