Moncler and Felix the Cat: pop luxury

In 2018, we wrote “Collaborations lure Luxury brands“, and since then we followed the increasing number of brands in the luxury sector which have approached this marketing and communication strategy, especially with unsuspected connections with entertainment characters.

The latest launch in this segment sees the union of the outwear luxury brand Moncler with the timeless icon Felix the Cat.

Moncler, a French-now-naturalized-Italian brand, has always been synonymous with creativity and innovation, and with its Moncler Genius container has left its mark with unique and unusual communication choices made in countless collaborations.

Moncler now choses Felix for a pop-luxury capsule collection. A men’s including t-shirts, shirts and sweatshirts that play with the contrasts and add the ironic Felix’s touch to Moncler allure.

Moncler characteristic down jacket could not be forgotten. A Ruine down jacket is the king of the collection, a model with classic lines and luxury execution, with a youthful touch with the allorver print of Felix the Cat.

But although youthful and ironic, this collection reflects Moncler luxury positioning: the t-shirt with an embroidered Felix retails at 180€, while the Ruine down jacket has a price tag of 1,495€