Montblanc launches its luxury headphones

After entering the not easy market of smartwatches, Montblanc is continuing the path of brand extension in the smart – luxury market. The luxury brand, well known for its writing instruments and leather accessories, is now challenging the crowded and competitive market of headphones.

With an astonishing price tag of 595$, MB01 are not your standard headphones. Born to please a target group made mostly of male travelers with luxury business lifestyles, these headphones are designed for long flights, with all the features the most demanding client can ask for.

Technically speaking, the project has been advised and supported at Montblanc by renowned specialists, like Alex Rosson, co-founder of the audiophile company Audeze, along with other well-qualified audio engineers and designers.

Wireless, with top class active noise cancellation, batteries designed to last 20 hours, totally manufatured in aluminium, with finishings over-ears in sheepskin for a lighter touch, these headphones seem to meet the expectations related to such a price.
In a world where headphones are branded by sports brands, DJs, or even footballers, at half the price, Montblanc has raised the bar, the luxury way.


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