Montegrappa doubles down with Lord of the Rings

Montegrappa, the Italian luxury pens maker, returns to Middle-earth with an homage to Lord of the Rings with “Eye of Sauron” limited edition.

Sauron and the power of darkness loom large in this sequel to The Lord of the Rings, featured by 3 items: a fountain pen, a rollerball pen, and a ballpoint pen, retailed respectively at 395€, 380€, and 365€.

Last September Montegrappa saw the release of the limited-edition The Lord of the Rings – an exclusive 3,950€ piece of art, a creation of lost-wax casting fit for a king, dedicated to fans with deep pockets. I

In its footsteps comes this new model made for a more accessible and everyday use, following Montegrappa strategy -catering to special literature, music, cinema or sport fans, turning luxury pens into “emblems of obsession”, which led the brand releasing special edition dedicated to Hemigway but also to Queen and Freddy Mercury, or NASA, or to the cult TV series Games of Thrones.


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