Montegrappa spends A Night at the Opera

The Italian luxury pens company Montegrappa steps ahead of conventions celebrating the audacity, virtuosity and consummate showmanship of one of rock’s most flamboyant and accomplished acts.

“A Night at the Opera” is the new edition of luxurious fountain pens and rollerballs, made in sterling silver and gold-plate, a rhapsody of jewels and precious metals paying loving tribute to the Queen and the album that propelled them to global stardom. High-fidelity recreations of iconic regalia fuse together in a piece brimming with royal pomp and rock excess.

This limited edition’s aesthetics descend by the motif created by art-school graduate Freddie Mercury before his band had even released an album: two lions, a crab and two fairies denoting the bandmembers’ zodiac signs in the Queen Crest. The insignia that adorned the cover of their breakthrough album A Night at the Opera encircles the barrel of a writing instrument crafted in its honour. A jewel-encrusted cap inspired by Freddie’s royal cape and crown is finished with a clip modelled on the bottomless microphone he would wield to rule over his loyal subjects.

A limited edition produced in 555 pieces, in honour of Bohemian Rhapsody’s audacious 5 minute, 55 second running
time, priced 4.750 € for the fountain pen and 4.150 € for the rollerball. An encore edition in solid 18k gold comprises fifteen fountain pens, marking Queen’s studio album catalogue, while a quartet of rollerballs denote one of rock’s most
gifted four-piece combos.


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