One Piece joins Fxxking Rabbits for a “Smoking Kills” capsule

The Japanese streetwear brand has joined forces with the famous piratical manga series for a special capsule collection of t-shirts and hoodies.

Fxxking Rabbits’ products are known to figure the brand’s signature “SMOKING KILLS” motif and for this new collaboration, the brand has tapped some of One Piece’s nicotine addict characters like Sanji, Crocodile, and the Marine officer Smoker.

The items emblazon the familiar “Smoking Kills” warning label over the characters’ faces, a playful nod to the characters’ ever-present cigarettes and cigars. Along with those characters inspired piece, the capsule also includes a long-sleeved shirt and hoodies emblazoned with the logo of the Straw Hat Pirates, complete with “NO SMOKING” verbiage, a hat and accessories featuring One Piece and Fxxking Rabbits’ bunny mash-up logos.

Fxxking Rabbits is one of those brand addicted to collaboration and logo mashups is one of the brand signature, like the courier inspired SS18 capsule in collaboration with Champion or the one with ORION, for a new type of flavored cigarette-like snacks.