Our Brand Jam Seminar at BLE 2018

All professionals attending Brand Licensing Europe this year and interested in the new intersections among fashion or lifestyle branding, influencers, and entertainment properties, should attend Brand Jam’s Seminar “Halo Licensing – Soul Food For the Five-Second Generation”.

If you are constant readers of our posts, you may know how much attention we pay to all the dynamics of what we call “brand innovation”. You also may have noticed that recently we launched our “Halo Licensing Suevery”, puttin together our seven years’ observation of collaborations and branding activations into a new professional intellligence service, which allows every marketer to follow how properties and consumer products brands are working together to master today’s attention economy.

Encompassing 200+ cases every quarter, the Halo Licensing Survey shows how this new approach to business and brand equity is deeper and more nuanced than many licensing professionals may imagine. The Halo Licensing Survey is the only observatory publication of its kind – exposing who’s dating who, for what purpose, and how their creative offspring performed.

At BLE’s Brand & Lifestyle Theatre, on 9th October at 12,30, Paolo Lucci and Gavin Brown are bringing highlights and learnings from the year so far, showing some of the best examples of design, communications and strategic positioning.

For attendees, it’s a chance to get up to date with the sharp end of the business and learn more about licensing’s present and future role in the new world of strategic brand management and community building.

Anybody who for any reasons will not be able to get to BLE, can ask us about “Halo Licensing Survey” and get the minutes of the seminar after October 10th, dropping an email to brandjam@brandjam.it