Polaroid launches a Stranger Things Camera

“See the world a little differently”. With logos upside down to turn Stranger Things fans into Polaroid Originals fans, Polaroid’s One Step 2: Stranger Things is designed as a state of the art instant camera.

Technically speaking it features an extra bright flash; pressing the shutter button it sends light waves towards the subject, which reflect back to create perfectly illuminated pictures in or out of the shadows.

Less technically speaking, this camerea is developed “in collaboration with Hawkins National Laboratory” to quote the cult TV series Stranger Things. But the collaboration offers other interesting commercial sparks: it comes with a collection of special designed Stranger Things films inspired by the series’ landmarks like Hawkins Arcade or Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop.

Every Stranger Thing films pack includes 8 out of 16 random designs, the more the fans buy, the sooner they complete the collection.

“Fans are guaranteed a frame that’ll match their mood”, as Polaroid website puts it, and are offered to collect, swap and share the frames and picture with their friends.

Polaroid One Step 2 Stranger Things is sold in limited edition at 109,99 $ or 129,99 €

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