Pride 2019: in the name of Love

A couple of weeks ago we already mentioned some of the Pride Month 2019 activations speaking about the collaboration between adidas and Keith Haring. Today we want to give a wider overview of the capsule collections and limited editions in support of the LGBTQ + community that filled with colours this June.

In the last years, we have observed the growing interest of lifestyle brands for this cause and, as expected, the number of rainbow collabs is steadily increasing. Also their commitment is growing, patronising with their capsule collections associations and charities which support the LGBTQ + community, fighting against exclusion and discrimination. To have a better picture of ​​the growth of this trend, we invite you to compare our past reviews in 2018, 2017 and 2016.

Last year, in support of this trend, we talked about Walt Disney which decided to join the cause by creating a Mickey Rainbow line. This year the company has even increased its involvement by hosting the first official LGBTQ + event at Disneyland Paris. Last 1st June, indeed, the park opened its doors to the first Magical Pride Party, with a series of special activities, merchandising and the possibility of being part of the Magical March of Diversity Parade.

Between new entries and veterans, we leave to our gallery the task of revealing which brands and how many projects have been activated for Pride Month 2019.

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