RefrigiWear, the collaboration with Supreme

Everybody knows Supreme’s special way to collaborations, even the professional public not involved in branding strategies. Hence, a sneak peek to Supreme website is always a good exercise to see what’s ahead in the collabs scene.

What caught our eyes in the autumn winter 2020 Supreme collections just uploaded on the streetwear brand’s website, beyond a tricky Smurf mini collection and some Kangol and New Era hats special editions, is a collab with the iconic RefrigiWear brand.

RefrigiWear is well known for its working jacket, used since 1954 by workers in the fish markets and the NY Meatpacking district long before it was gentrified. Knowing very well the needs of workers involved in hostile jobs and in very cold environments of the food refrigerated storage industry, RefrigiWear developed with the support of the newly born DuPont textile fiber department the first insulated and light work jacket. In the 90’s an Italian entrepreneur brought the brand to a new life, distributing it in throughout Europe and Japan in the most particular fashion stores.

This mix of fashion and workwear is a staple in the streetwear style, and that’s why Supreme has chosen RefrigiWear in this winter collection of insulated jackets, which pay a homage to Reggie, Refrigiwear signature dog, holding Supreme label instead of its standard Refrigiwear.


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