Sephora x Stabilo brings beauty the school nostalgia

Sephora has a passion for school and office supplies.

A first suspect occurred last year, when Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott designed for the beauty retailer a special Moschino + Sephora collection of eyeliners in the shape of a Crayola-like blister pack.

Now Sephora tries the real thing: Sephora x Stabilo is a collection of felt eyeliner, shaped after the world renowned marker pen. But what should be most appreciated is the tapered applicator, which is exactly like the actual marker pen, making it easier for underline and highlight customers’ eyes creating the perfect winged line with no professional skills.

Four different colourways, Chocolate Break, Back to School, Summer Holidays, Ink Splash, are set to evoke the school nostalgia effect, a dream which comes true with 15€ each eyeliner.


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