Stranger Things x Levi’s: replicas and featuring

Stranger Things is a licensed property capable of gathering great collaborating brands, like Polaroid, or Nike x Kith to name just the most recent, with a special twist on product development, like the smart activation of Schwinn reported last year on our Halo Licensing Survey, 2nd quarter.

But the latest activation just announced by Levi’s could be the more interesting of the pack, at least for the impact it can have on the die-hard fans of the TV series.

The Stranger Things x Levi’s collection in fact features a set of outfits actually worn by actors in the third season – here you can take a sneak peek of a couple of segments.

So, while the fans can buy the true replicas of what they see in the series, all the others who don’t want to appear too fanatic can choose from a range of other t-shirts and sweatshirts, featuring lighter graphics, “inspired by” and not necessarily “as seen on the series”.

Click here the full collection

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