The Halo Licensing Survey Q3/2019 is out. Promo offer

The Q3/2019 edition of Brand Jam’s Halo Licensing Survey has just been delivered to subscribers: another roundup of developments and deals in the licensing, branding and retail game. Find out how to subscribe with our promo.

Our quarterly survey tracks license-driven campaigns from brands around the world every quarter. Once again, this most recent issue contains links to just over 300 campaigns collected over the last three months.

For those who still don’t know Halo Licensing Survey, this quarter’s report gives a comprehensive overview of licensing’s role within the global collaborations ecosystem. 20 highlighted case studies show the breadth and depth at play – giving subscribers a closer look into how property providers and users are responding in this rapidly evolving battle for consumer hearts and minds.

Here is a selection of the most relevant observations from the last quarter:

Direct-to-Retail and 3-party deals

Retailer exclusives again play a prominent role, including several examples of two parties teaming up to drive traffic to a single channel. Artist reinterpretations of properties continue to grow strongly, with a number of players embracing Uniqlo’s popular refresh/reboot model.

Anime/Manga on fire

Content from Japanese pop culture continues the growth trend of previous quarters. The power dynamic of character-driven properties continues to move in favour of Millennials and Generation Z.

Athlete Enhancement

Under this system – principally used by Nike – licensed properties are used to bring a lifestyle / metatextual approach to athlete exploitation. Notorious properties become a useful tool for sports labels to iterate and build sub-brands by bringing hype and visual impact to athlete/team endorsements

To see how these and other threads are shaping deals and value creation in the licensing space, the Halo Licensing Survey is by far the most comprehensive and insightful resource in the market.

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