The odd couple: Supreme with the Smurfs

Supreme is probably the brand which most contributed in spreading the collaborations platform globally.

With a leading brand stature and a loyal fanbase so ahead of any other player, Supreme can now propose its clients the weirdest associations and getting away with it.

This is the case of the collaboration with the Belgian-born comics character The Smurfs, to which Supreme dedicates a special range in the start of this autumn season.

The collaboration has been teased, as usual times before the official launch, early this August, with an Instagram sneak peek of a couple of items – a denim trucker jacket and the coordinated jeans.

The full collection is now displayed on the Supreme website, a series of 3 Gore-Tex jackets with matching Gore-Tex pants, 2 denim jackets with matching jeans, a couple of pulls and wool caps, all featured with the blue Smurfs characters in many poses.

As usual, Supreme logo has been revised for the occasion, using in this case the same cartoonish typeface used in the Smurfs comics.


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