Vibram Carrarmato: 80th anniversary at Miami Art Week

Vibram celebrates 80 years of heritage at Miami Art Week through a partnership with designers Campana Brothers which mixes heritage with contemporary design.

Bringing a fresh look to the “Carrarmato” sole, the iconic sole design created by Vibram founder, Fernando and Humberto Campana introduce Tropical Vibram Carrarmato: a unisex rubber sandal with exceptional high-performance features and outsoles.

Translated from Italian, Carrarmato means tank tread, and 80 years ago, Vitale Bramani, Vibram’s founder developed the Carrarmato design for traction andperformance in mountaineering. The sole design has become synonymous with hiking and adventure the world over, as well as it symbolizes performance in fashion and lifestyle.

When Fernando and Humberto Campana, who won the Designer of the Year Award at Miami Art Week in 2008, accepted the request to develop a design that celebrated Vibram anniversary, they remained loyal to their cultural and professional history by working on the sole’s symbols and image as well as forms and materials.

The result, perfectly matching our “Universal Soldier” trend as featured in the last The Brand Jam  Mag issue, is a pair of sandals that will win the hearts of mountaineers as well as the “man on the street”, offering quality, comfort and safety.

It’s not just about design: the soles of the sandals are made of a double compound that
guarantees comfort and durability, in addition it also provides an antibacterial treatment when in contact with the skin.

“Vibram’s joyful and exuberant work lends itself well to the aesthetic of the Campana Brothers. We are excited to bring this collaboration to such a global audience during one of the largest art-focused events in the world. It’s amazing how our technology and our rubber can be the essence of this unique product, mirroring the importance of performance, on every surface, every single day.” says Paolo Manuzzi, Vibram General Manager.

The project launched last week during Vibram Sole Factor Truck tour at Jungle Plaza in Miami’s Design District, then will be available from spring 2018 at Vibram stores and online.